Circadian Clock Regulation Paper Highlighted in Current Biology and Biotechniques

Our “clock paper” [1] is higlighted in Current Biology Dispatch by Jerome S. Menet and Paul E. Hardin [2] and in Biotechniques by Janelle Weaver [3].

[1] Meireles-Filho AC, Bardet AF, Yáñez-Cuna JO, Stampfel G, Stark A. cis-Regulatory Requirements for Tissue-Specific Programs of the Circadian Clock. Current Biology. 2014 Jan;24(1):1-10. Pubmed 24332542.

[2] Menet JS and Hardin PE. Circadian Clocks: The Tissue Is the Issue. Curr Biol. 2014. 24: R25-R27.

[3] Weaver J. Dissecting Circadian Circuits in the Head and Body. Biotechniques. 2014.