Group Enhancer activity assay 2.0 is now out in the Nature Methods

Congratulations to Felix, Lukasz, Ashley, Christoph, Martina, Muhammad, Michaela, Vanja, Tomas, Rui, Katharina, and Cosmas on their recent article in Nature Methods were they resolved ORI-initiation and type-I-interferon response for enhancer-activity assays in human cells and published a novel genome-wide STARR-seq protocol!

The paper is also available in the bioRxiv!

Muerdter F*, Boryń ŁM*, Woodfin AR**, Neumayr C**, Rath M, Zabidi MA, Pagani M, Haberle V, Kazmar T, Catarino RR, Schernhuber K, Arnold CD, Stark A. Resolving systematic errors in widely-used enhancer activity assays in human cells enables genome-wide functional enhancer characterization. Nature Methods, 2017 December 11.