New paper on cofactor dependencies at distinct enhancer types out now!

Congratulations to Vanja, Christoph and co-authors on their new paper now publsihed in Nature! Their work presents the first functional categoristaion of enhancers based on their cofactor dependencies. They reveal distinct enhancer types that bypass broadly utilised cofactors, differ in sequence & chromatin properties, and are differentially employed to regulate specific gene classes and transcriptional programmes. This was such a great collaboration with the lab of Richard Young!

Read an article featuring the two first authors.

Neumayr C.*, Haberle V.*, Serebreni L., Karner K., Hendy O., Boija A., Henninger J. E., Li C. H., Stejskal K., Lin G., Bergauer K., Pagani M., Rath M., Mechtler K., Arnold C. D., Stark A. Differential cofactor dependencies define distinct types of human enhancers. Nature, June 2022

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