New paper on chromatin remodelers at distinct transcriptional programs out now!

Congratulations to Oliver and all co-authors on their new paper now published in Molecular Cell! They use rapid degradation of core remodeler subunits in Drosophila melanogaster S2 cells to reveal differential transcriptional effects on developmental and housekeeping genes. They demonstrate that developmental gene transcription requires SWI/SNF-type complexes to maintain distal enhancer accessibility. In contrast, wild-type-level housekeeping gene transcription requires the Iswi and Ino80 remodelers to maintain nucleosome positioning and phasing at promoters.

Read an interview with Oliver.

Hendy O, Serebreni L, Bergauer K, Muerdter F, Huber L, NemĨko F, Stark A. Developmental and housekeeping transcriptional programs in Drosophila require distinct chromatin remodelers. Molecular Cell, September 2022.

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