New paper on repressive domains in transcription factors out now!

Congratulations to Loni and all co-authors on their newest paper published in the EMBO Journal! They developed repressive-domain (RD)-seq to systematically identify RDs in complex DNA-fragment libraries and identified 195 RDs in known repressors and in proteins not previously associated with repression. Their findings advance our understanding of repressors, their sequences, and the functional impact of sequence-altering mutations and should provide a valuable resource for further studies.

Read an interview with Loni.

Klaus L, de Almeida BP, Vlasova A, NemĨko F, Schleiffer A, Bergauer K, Hofbauer L, Rath M, Stark A. Systematic identification and characterization of repressive domains in Drosophila transcription factors. EMBO Journal, December 2022.

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