Yelagandula R, Bykov A, Vogt A, Heinen R, Özkan E, Strobl MM, Baar J, Uzunova K, Hajdusits B, Kordic D, Suljic E, Kurtovic-Kozaric A, Izetbegovic S, Schaefer J, Hufnagl P, Zoufaly A, Seitz T, VCDI, Foedinger M, Allerberger F, Stark A, Cochella L§, Elling U§. Multiplexed detection of SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory infections in high throughput by SARSeq. Nature Communications


Raw data to test code
Illumina paired-end read 1 [1.2G]
Illumina paired-end read 2 [630M]
i5 indices [231M]
i7 indices [225M]

GEO accession number: GSE163688