Shlyueva D, Meireles-Filho ACA, Pagani M, Stark A. Genome-wide Ultrabithorax Binding Analysis Reveals Highly Targeted Genomic Loci at Developmental Regulators and a Potential Connection to Polycomb-mediated Regulation. PLoS ONE. 2016

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ChIP-seq Ubx-V5 for replicates
Ubx-V5 ChIP-seq replicate 1: FASTQ 1.3G
Ubx-V5 ChIP-seq replicate 2: FASTQ 704M
WT ChIP-seq replicate 1: FASTQ 1.6G
WT ChIP-seq replicate 2: FASTQ 706M
Ubx-V5 input replicate 1: FASTQ 1.1G
Ubx-V5 input replicate 2: FASTQ 726M
WT input replicate 1: FASTQ 1.6G
WT input replicate 2: FASTQ 759M

Processed peaks files for replicates
Ubx-V5 peaks replicate 1: TXT 759K
Ubx-V5 peaks replicate 2: TXT 845K

Processed peaks file for merged replicates
Ubx-V5 peaks: TXT 461K

Links to data on GEO [GSE64284].