Alexander Stark

2004         PhD in Bioinformatics, EMBL Heidelberg & University of Cologne, Germany
2000         M.Sc in Biochemistry (German Diplom), University of Tübingen, Germany
2008 - Present         Group-leader, Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna, Austria
2005 - 2008         Postdoctoral Fellow, Kellis & Lander Groups, The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and CSAIL MIT, Cambridge, USA
2001 - 2005         PhD Student & Postdoc, Russell Group, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany
Thesis: "Functional Sites in Structure and Sequence - Protein Active Sites and microRNA Target Recognition"
2000 - 2001         Diploma Student & Research Assistant, Schuster Group, Friedrich-Miescher-Laboratory, Tübingen, Germany
Thesis: "The Novel GTP-binding Protein dNOG is involved in the Synaptic Plasticity of Drosophila Neuromuscular Junctions"
Honours & Awards

Co-founder of Junior European Drosophila Investigators

2012         Embo Young Investigators Award
2009         European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant
(Regulatory Genomics in Drosophila)
2005         Postdoctoral Fellowship of the Human Frontiers Science Program (HFSP)
2005         Postdoctoral Fellowship of the Schering AG
2005         EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship
1997         Fellow of the German Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)
2010         Special Research Program (SFB) RNA-Regulation of the Transcriptome
(with Julius Brennecke; Speaker: Renee Schröder)
2009         European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant
(Regulatory Genomics in Drosophila)
2009         GEN-AU BIN III
(Cis-regulatory motifs; with Maria Novatchkova; Coordinator: Zlatko Trajanoski)
2009         WWTF Life Sciences Call 2009
(Molecular Mechanisms of Memory Formation: Targets of Drosophila Orb2; with Krystyna Keleman)


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  • 2008

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  • 2007

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  • 2000

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